How to start a limousine service in BC.

First you will need a vision and some love for electric cars, business or clients.

The process involves the following:

  1. There are two options to get started in depending on whether you will be an owner/operator or you will like to hire drivers.

    If you are a going to be an owner/operator. You will need at least a Class 4 – restricted licence. To pass this, you will need to grab the relevant study guide from ICBC’s website. Otherwise, your drivers will need to have at least a Class 4. Our advice is to take a driver training test for an hour or two in other to brush up your driving skills.

    If you are going to hire drivers, they will need a Class 4 – restricted minimum. A driver that can drive a taxi, limousine or an ambulance will have a Class 4 driver’s licence.
  2. Pass a Driver’s Medical Examination. You can obtain this from your Physician or Nurse Practitioner.
  3. Apply for a National Safety Code certificate here. Keep it in a safe place once you get it. You will need this certificate and number later.
  4. Write a business plan.
  5. Come up with a financial projection for your new business.
  6. Get support letters from members of the communities you wish to provide your service.
  7. Apply for a limousine licence from the Passenger Transportation Board.
  8. If required, get a Chauffeurs Permit from your local jurisdiction.
  9. Once approved by the Passenger Transportation Board, then you can:
    1. get an appropriate insurance from ICBC.
    2. take your car for an inspection using a CVSE approved inspection shop.
    3. activate your new licence, pay for it and order a plate from Passenger Transportation Branch.

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