4 Fun Quarantine Graduation Ideas to Make your Grad feel so Special in Kamloops.

celebration party

High school students in Kamloops are graduating and you want to celebrate their success, in quarantine, while making it fun.

Now that Kamloops schools and across the province have re-opened on a part-time basis, the question is how do grads celebrate their graduation during the quarantine? For sure, students will have to deal with a different kind of ceremony during the pandemic.

Your grad want to celebrate with their friends, give them hugs and say a final goodbye. However, since we are in the middle of pandemic, what fun things can you and your grad do to celebrate their graduation? Here are some ideas:

  • Make a video to say goodbye to friends. If you are ambitious, get each of their class mates to make a video, send them to you, mix the video up and produce a goodbye video. Make sure to send the finished videos to all their friends. They will cherish this for a long time!
  • Record a song. This is for the talented singers. For inspiration, check out Emma Hamel who sang a song for the class of 2020 (standing by my side).
  • Host or attend a drive-by car parade in a Tesla Model X. Make sure your grad is wearing their graduation wear and waving. They will definitely look like a celebrity, make a lasting impression with your friends and your graduation photos will look really cool. Book here.
  • Watch a virtual graduation with the whole family. For instance, see the full replay of Dear Class of 2020 by YouTube Originals. Grab a popcorn, a blanket and watch over 4 hours of congratulatory messages.

Finally, be safe, wear your mask and keep your distance. Their bright future is waiting for them. And congratulations and thank you to parents, guardians and teachers as we celebrate the achievements of the class of 2020!!

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